Other Assistance

Emergency Services & Disaster Relief

The H.I.M Center is a leader in the North Texas community and does respond to emergency community needs such as natural disasters, or life altering events such as the government shutdown of 2019 which had thousands of furloughed workers in need of temporary emergency support.

HIM Food Bank plays a key role in responding to emergencies that impact the city and our nation. As one of the largest food banks in the county, the scale of our normal operations – which include providing millions of pounds of food to more than 60 food assistance programs throughout North Texas – creates the potential for the Food Bank to provide significant aid to people affected by disasters.

Other Assistance

In addition to our Client Services and Pantry Partners the H.I.M Center also provides other types of support. These areas include:

Supporting Other Organizations

HIM supports the work of many other organizations in the region. Organizations like

Common Ground, Rush Creek Church, and Rocking H Ranch in community efforts of providing hungry children with weekend backpacks (during school year) and summer snack packs. These programs feed approx. 20,000 children in the Mansfield, Kennedale, and Arlington Independent School Districts. 


Thanksgiving & Christmas Meals

The H.I.M Center in collaboration with community partners such as WR Roofing and the Mansfield ISD, provides full Thanksgiving meals (including turkeys) to over 650 families each year. In 2019 we started our first year with Christmas meals and toys to over 100 families.

Essentials Store

The H.I.M Center does operate a small store open to the public comprised of mostly essential household, cleaning, and hygiene items. These items are sold at rate of about 20% of retail prices. Because of our mission these items are also available at no cost for those who may not have the ability to pay the low prices