COVID-19 UDPATE Groceries for People in Need

We help North Texans get the food and essentials they need to be able to succeed.

COVID-19 UPDATE - We continue to serve individuals/families in need on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM and then by appointment. We offer a grocery basket filled with groceries to those who have emergency needs. We are observing all safety measures, including gloves, masks, sanitizer and serving only one patron at a time. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time but will strive to keep you safe while supplying you with food. Questions - please call our office at 817.453.3663.

Helping You is What We Do

We know you are someone who wants to not only survive, but truly thrive. Someone who takes care of those closest to you. But sometimes you just need a helping hand. That's where the HIM Center comes in.

Free Groceries

Fill out an application and receive free groceries for you and your family for 12 months.

Friendly Staff

Gracious staff and volunteers on hand to help you with whatever you need.

Judgment Free

We know it can be hard to ask for help. We've been there ourselves. You'll never be or made to feel judged for seeking help, no matter your circumstances.

Simple Paperwork

You won't have to tell your story multiple times to different people or have endless forms to fill out. Once you're approved, you're good for a year!

Hard times hit everyone, but not always in equal ways.

When they do hit, the last thing you want to do is ask for help.

Or work through a lot of red tape and a complicated application process just to get basic necessities, like food and groceries.

You worry about what others will think of you if you did ask for help.

The mere thought of seeking help makes you uncomfortable, and perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past that left you feeling ashamed.

You are not alone.

We understand how hard it can be to ask for help, especially when we need it the most. Hard situations can happen to anyone, and we believe you shouldn’t be treated any differently based on whether you can afford groceries or not.

Anyone can be in the same situation and everyone needs help from time to time.  You deserve to have your basic needs met and to be treated with dignity and respect. Like you matter – because you do! 

You’re a human being and neither your situation nor your circumstances define you.

We’re here to help.

For over 30 years, the HIM Center in Mansfield has worked to make it easy for you to come and get the help you need without a bunch of questions, red tape, or any judgment.

We provide you the ability to come and get the food you need to take care of yourself and your family, and move beyond your present circumstances to the kind of life you deserve.

We want to help you get through the hard times and to realize that despite your circumstances, you matter.

Harvesting In Mansfield

Our center serves approximately 100,000 people in over 25 counties throughout North Texas. Our work is evident in over 75 communities, where we join with local people and organizations to find lasting ways to improve the lives of impoverished children and families.

Get the Help You Need

Getting the help you need to succeed is easy with the Harvesting in Mansfield Center

1. Schedule Your Visit

Come to the HIM Center in Mansfield or fill out our simple paperwork online.

2. Pick-up your Groceries

With your personal grocery card that's good for free groceries for the next 12 months after you've received it.

3. Turn the Page

And move beyond your present circumstances to a better and more hopeful future. With the basic necessities covered, you can focus on moving forward!

How you can help

Our goal is to give every family the chance to thrive and experience life in all its fullness. Children and families unable to afford necessities that many of us take for granted are being helped by local partners that include schools, churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, and other nonprofit agencies who share our passion for serving those in need.

Food Distribution Times & Service Opportunities.

Whether you are in need of food, or you're just looking to lend a hand to help others in need, these are application forms and the times we are open to help you get the food and necessities you need.

And if these times do not work for you, we can work with you by scheduling an appointment.

Tuesday AM


9:30am - Noon

Thursday AM


9:30am - Noon

2nd Thursday of Month


5:30pm - 7:30pm

4th Saturday of the Month


9:00 - 11:00 am

You Can Have a Better Life

Come to the Harvesting in Mansfield Center today and let us help you get on to better days for you and your family.

Schedule Your Visit

Help us Feed the Hungry in North Texas

Make a financial donation online today using the Donate button below or by mail to HIM Center Building Fund – 150 S 6th Ave – Mansfield, TX 76063.If you have commercial property to donate or lease, please contact Gregory Dewbrew, 817-453-3663 or [email protected]

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