The Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating to thousands of families in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. In our 33 years, we’ve never seen so many families face the threat of going hungry.

You can help by becoming a Hunger Hero.
Just $5.00 will provide a grocery cart filled with food for one family for one month.

Are you facing hard times? Need a little help?

We’ve got you covered. The process is easy and judgement free. We just want to help.

Our Goal


To ensure that anyone who comes to us in need of the basic essentials – food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies – are served with kindness and compassion, love, support, and encouragement. The HIM Center is a judgement free zone, because we’ve all faced hard times.


Provided food to people in over 25 counties
throughout North Texas

Before the pandemic, HIM Center and our wonderful donors provided food to about 100,000 people in over 25 counties throughout North Texas. We partner with local people and organizations to find lasting ways to improve the lives of impoverished children and families.

Since March, more than 7,500 individuals have come to our facility in Mansfield to pick up food and we’ve delivered 750,000 pounds of food to 80 organizations helping 100,000 people.

And the numbers keep growing.

It takes a lot of team work to pack up food every week and load it in the cars of deserving families. Your safety is our priority. You can rest assured that when you volunteer at HIM Center, not only are you doing wonderful, generous work, but you’ll be safe while you do it.