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Donate Food


Donate Food

Donating Food is a great way to get involved and support hunger relief in your community.

Last year the food bank distributed over 4 million pounds of food to children, families, and seniors in need, and we did it with the help of people like you that are concerned about their community. From large donations from our retail partners to successful office food drives, your contributions count.

How to Donate Your Product

If you or your company has a donation that needs to be picked-up, please call Lisa in our Product Donations Department at (817) 453-3663 or

HIM Center accepts dry, shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen food items, prepared foods, food service items and personal care and cleaning products. Call our Product Donations Department to find out what other products are accepted at the food bank.


Why Should I Donate?

Product donations reduce warehouse storage and dumping costs, and HIM can pick up your donation free of charge.

Donating surplus inventory to HIM is safe, efficient and cost-effective. Gifts to HIM are covered by national Good Samaritan laws. In addition, product donations often generate tax benefits for participating companies.

HIM can accept dry, shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen food items, prepared foods, foodservice items, personal care and cleaning products, office supplies and equipment, mislabeled and unlabeled products, obsolete promotional items, and bulk and damaged products. Call the food bank’s Product Donations Department with questions about what types of items the food bank can accept.

HIM does not accept USED goods, including clothing, electronics and furniture.