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Your Donation Goes To The Immediate Needs Of Local Families!


Donate now to honor a special occasion, pay tribute to friends and family, or honor the memory of a loved one while providing the needed support to eliminate hunger in our community.

Give hope all year long. Become a Friend of the food bank

Friends of the food bank are a tremendous help in the fight against hunger. Through a monthly gift automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account, Friends of the food bank provide us with the means to feed our needy community members and give them hope.

How monthly giving benefits the hungry:

  • It provides a consistent and reliable source of funding, allowing the food bank to quickly respond to urgent issues the moment they arise.
  • It’s cost effective. Automatic donations are processed more efficiently, providing even more money for our needy community members.
  • It’s put immediately to work. Automatic donations reduce the amount of time spent processing the gifts.

How monthly giving benefits you:

  • It’s easy. Simply choose the amount and date your gift should be transferred.
  • It’s flexible. You can increase, decrease, pause, or stop your donations at any time.
  • It’s convenient. You’ll receive quarterly statements of your gifts and a single, consolidated tax receipt for all your donations from the previous year each February.
  • And, it’s rewarding. You’ll be a part of a growing number of people dedicated to the honorable pursuit of ending hunger forever.

Join Friends of the Food bank today! Whatever amount you would like to share, your generosity will earn you the gratitude of thousands of community members in need.